Edgewood Country Club - Case Study


Edgewood Country Club sits on two pre-Revolutionary farmsteads that proudly boasts a rich history. In the early 1940s, the land was converted to a twenty-seven hole golf course that spans over 300 acres.


Country clubs are often faced with the challenge of maximizing storage space and increasing efficiency as they grow in size. Golf bags, clubs, hats, and other accessories can take up a large amount of space, and limit the functionality and safety within a storage room. As Edgewood Country Club began expanding their 200+ year old space, a major priority was to renovate and maximize the golf bag storage space. That's why Edgewood Country Club looked to Clubstor by EQUIPTO for help.


  • To meet their 480 golf club baggage storage, we designed a suitable fit for the size of their facility
  • Our factory trained installation team was able to install the new unit in a few short days
  • The resulting system easily stores their members' bags, gliding effortlessly with our mobile carriages that are adjustable to meet different bag heights and club lengths with Adult and Youth sets