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We wanted to store more bags in a fairly small space. The Clubstor system was the best. When someone asks me about the Clubstor system, I tell them it's very reliable. The steel racks are extremely durable. We've had the system for over six years and we see no wear and tear on the product at all. You can store a lot of bags in a small area and store them well. It's flexible, able to hold different size bags, and it's really worked out well for us in every way.

Marty Martinez
Deer Creek Golf Course

The bags are all exposed and more accessible now. In the past, the rack system we had was almost an enclosed system. This rack system is a lot easier to move due to the track design. One thing that we liked about Clubstor was the metal racks. They're much more durable and longer lasting. For the money, there's no doubt that, from what I've seen, it's one of the best.

Jason Blanchard
Gleneagles Country Club

There are several ways to install the rolling rack, and also many options for the stationary racks, so we could get the number of bags that we needed stored appropriately. I know a lot of places have problems with storage due to space constraints and building designs. We have rafters running right through the middle of our room. Clubstor can make it fit. I would highly recommend Clubstor. We've had no problems whatsoever and they've been very good to us.

Pam Elders
Westview Country Club

It's really allowed us to have a very organized and clean bag room. We've had no problems. My three-year-old can push around the bags and it's been wonderful for us having each bag in its own space. We're very pleased and very satisfied with Clubstor.

Victor Whipp
La Grange Country Club